At AROstores marketplace, we value the safety of our users and want to ensure that all transactions are conducted securely. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while buying items from sellers on our platform:

1. Meet the seller in a public place that is well-lit and busy. This can be a coffee shop, restaurant, or any other location that is open to the public. Avoid meeting at a private residence or secluded area.

2.Inspect the item carefully before making the purchase. Check for any damage or defects, and ensure that it matches the description provided by the seller. If you’re buying electronics, ask the seller to demonstrate that the item is in working order before you pay.

3.When completing the transaction, pay in person and only at the time of item collection. Do not send money online or provide credit card information. If possible, bring exact change to avoid the need for the seller to make change.

4.Trust your instincts. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of sellers who ask for your personal information or try to pressure you into making a purchase.

5.Report any suspicious behavior or activity to our support team. If you have concerns about a seller or an item for sale, contact us and we’ll investigate.

*By following these tips, you can minimize your risk and ensure a safe and successful transaction. Thank you for choosing our classified marketplace for your buying needs.

Use the messaging system within the platform: When communicating with the seller, use the messaging system within the platform instead of sharing personal contact information. This will help protect your privacy and ensure that all communication is recorded within the platform.

💡 Check the seller’s profile: Before agreeing to meet with the seller, check their profile on the platform to see their ratings, reviews, and transaction history. This can help you determine if they are a reputable seller and if there have been any issues in the past.

💡 Bring a friend: Consider bringing a friend or family member with you when meeting the seller. Not only will this provide an additional level of safety, but it can also help you feel more comfortable during the transaction.

💡 Be cautious with high-value items: If you’re buying a high-value item, such as a car or jewelry, consider having it appraised by a professional before making the purchase. This can help you determine if the item is authentic and if it is priced fairly.