AROstores is a unique marketplace that provides a platform for people to buy and sell pre-owned, new, or slightly used African-style fashion, accessories, artifacts, and other products. By offering a social marketplace for buying and selling, AROstores is making it easy for people to give a second life to their old items and promote sustainability through reuse and repurposing.

Moreover, by offering a 50% discount on premium merchandise, AROstores is making it more affordable for shoppers worldwide to access high-quality products while also promoting a circular economy. As a marketplace, AROstores is not only providing a convenient platform for buyers and sellers but also contributing to the reduction of waste that often ends up in landfills, which can harm the environment. By connecting people who want to buy and sell products, AROstores is creating a community of individuals who value sustainability and reducing waste, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable planet